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technical services

Through an extensive variety of IT services and arrangements, we can configuration, construct, convey, work and control the data innovation services we deal to our clients.

Our services center as the need might arise as they do on equipment and programming, building and supporting an imaginative, reasonable framework to move any business along in a different scope of ventures.

What we do

Keeping you in contact with propels in innovation, we can help you, your representatives, your accomplices and your clients associated in the present current work environment, whether your staff are working in-office, on location or from a distance.

Offering the direction and arrangements you really want for your business, our IT services can assist your organizations with dealing with the everyday activities of its innovation, guaranteeing frameworks stay steady and ideal, while giving customary updates and bits of knowledge into security chances.

A-Arrangements Services

IoT (Web of Things)

We give industry-explicit answers for following and monitoring cycles, activities and resources. We want to help our clients with their digital change venture by giving full-stack items and services.

Benefits of executing IoT

  • Expert estimations
  • Takes into consideration adaptable and immediate arrangement making
  • Further develops productivity and wellbeing
  • Empowers protection upkeep

Network protection

A protection information security arrangement, BlackFog ends unapproved information exfiltration. Stay with your, your representatives and your information protected with a one-stop information security arrangement.

  • information protection
  • avoidance of ransomware and malware
  • information exfiltration client profiling


In addition to obtaining and loading a portion of the world’s top brands, we offer clients huge expense reserve funds of up to 40% on renovated HP, Lenovo, and Dell work areas and PCs, as well as visual showcases and printers.

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We give similar guarantees on reused equipment as we do on new items.

Organizing Services

Our custom-made Wi-Fi rollout services incorporate site visits, advancement of intensity guides, and arrangement architecture. We perform pre-and post-appraisals utilizing refined toolsets, ensuring Wi-Fi signals are working at ideal and reliable levels.

  • Fiber
  • Remote Innovation
  • Smallest expense Directing (LCR), PABX and Voice
  • Information The executives and Detailing
  • Call Center and Backing
  • Wi-Fi Establishment
  • LAN and WAN Arrangements
  • Progressing backing and upkeep
  • Technical Services

With over 21 years of involvement giving industry-driving upkeep and backing services, we can redo your equipment and programming necessities to suit your business and its spending plan.
Our unified help work area, situated in Centurion, fills in as the single resource for the logging of episodes, notices or general enquiries.

In addition, our help administration offering incorporates redesigns, site arranging, new item rollouts, moves, de-introduces as well as the support of items all through guarantee, on an on location or convey in premise.