Do Rabbits Make Good Pets & What You Should Know Before You Get One.

9 Rabbit Farming Business Plan

Rabbits are very social as well as active and playful, forming a close bond with their owners. As long as you understand what to get out of a family pet bunny, they have the prospective to be terrific animals.

Behaviour and Temperament
Rabbits are social, and with gentle handling, are typically rather tame, spirited, and entertaining to watch. Rabbits often form extremely close bonds with their owners; numerous bunny owners invest nights watching TELEVISION with their rabbits by their sides or communicating with their rabbits. Rabbits likewise have the excellent benefit of responding well to litter-training. They likewise respond well to gentle training (try a clicker) and can be trained to do unique behaviours and tricks.

All of these qualities indicate that bunnies do require a lot of interaction with their owners and/or other rabbits to be happy. Daily playtime and exercise beyond their cage is a need. They do require to chew, so great deals of safe chew toys should be supplied, and any areas where the bunny is allowed to run should be carefully rabbit-proofed. While they are normally peaceful family pets, rabbits are not a great match for active young children who might not beware enough when choosing them up or messing around them. It’s likewise crucial to understand that, while rabbits like to be near their individuals, however, they frequently would rather not be held.

Bunnies are prey animals, which suggests that housing your bunny outdoors is usually not a good concept. Keep your rabbit indoors; when not being directly monitored, your bunny must be kept in a cage or cage a minimum of three to four feet long. Since they have tender feet, bunnies do badly in wire-bottomed cages; a much better choice is a plastic pet dog cage. In the dog crate, offer your bunny with:

  • Plenty of toys such as cardboard boxes and plastic chewy toys (rabbits require to chew to keep their fast-growing teeth in check).
  • A litter box lined with newspaper and filled with either pelleted sawdust litter or grass hay such as timothy or orchard grass.
  • A rack onto which your rabbit can hop.
  • Ceramic food and water dishes.

Bunny urine can have a strong odour so anticipate to change their litter box frequently (spaying and neutering can help in reducing the smell). In addition, bunny urine is high in calcium, so it can leave a milky residue when it dries that can be tough to tidy up (vinegar is quite reliable for this). Numerous pet bunnies are enabled to wander around your home freely when their owners are around. If you do select to go this route, be very careful to rabbit-proof your home. Bunnies enjoy to chew, and electrical wires and extension cords are chewy and just at the ideal height for rabbits.

Interested in getting lots of bunnies or starting a business, look at this rabbit farming business plan.